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Quick update

Just wanted to let everyone know I am on vacation right now. I’ll be coming back August 12. I hope all of you are having a great summer!

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New and updated codes

I posted some new codes, and also updated some older ones. The new codes are the links below, and I hope you guys like them!

Hide interests table
Get rid of blue background on interests table
Hide orange bar behind Blurbs and Friend Space headings
Hide friends space with no links remaining
Hide about me table
Hide profile info box

And for the updated codes:
Hide blogs and extended network (no big white space at the bottom shows up anymore!)
Hide comments (hides them completely, without a couple still showing)
Hide details section (code doesn’t need to be placed in Heroes section)
Hide navigation bar
Hide online now
Hide URL box (Doesn’t leave a blank box anymore)

These new codes will allow you to hide blogs, comments, your interest section etc. to get that short profile I know a lot of you want. There shouldn’t be any blank white spaces at the bottom anymore that make your page scroll.

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7 new layouts

I just added seven new layouts. There’s two new default layouts, two new skinny patterned layouts, and three new image layouts. Click here for the default layouts, numbers 37 and 38. Click here for the skinny patterned layouts, numbers 24 and 25. And, click here for the image layouts, numbers 23, 24, and 25. Hope you like the new layouts!

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