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New codes

Here are some new codes for you guys to try…

Hide navigation bar, shortcuts, search bar, it gets rid of the blue bar and leaves nothing at the top of your profile. Code credited to Matt

Same code without hiding the ad:

Want to change the background color of the ad/search bar/navigation bar? Click here for that code

Hide logo/shortcuts menu/search bar code:

let me know if these codes work for you.

Add comment June 21st, 2008

A few new codes

Why does myspace have to change its coding all the time? lol here are some updated codes, obviously I’m not sure how long they will work for but they do now.

New hide navigation bar code: credit to Mike for the code

New hide shortcuts menu, search bar and myspace logo code:

54 comments June 18th, 2008

New hide shortcuts menu and search bar code

Let’s see how long this code lasts before myspace changes their coding again :P

Here’s an updated code to hide the shortcuts menu and search bar. (More updates and layouts coming soon). Put it in your About Me:

Also if you leave a comment you should get yourself a Gravatar, where you have a picture of your choice next to your comment. They’re pretty cool. Click here to get one!!

You can check out the post before this for exactly how to do it if you have any problems. :)

78 comments June 5th, 2008

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