Newest Codes:
Small contact table
Background colors on music player
Hide everything at top of profile
Hide interest table headings without space left
Hide text next to profile picture
Flip profile picture and text next to it
Change display name style
Change size of default picture
No border on images
Customize your details section
Hide interests table

Profile Codes
Border around entire profile
Background color on music player
Background color on “view more pictures” page
Background color on tables
Background image on tables
Change last login
Change navigation bar
Change number of friends
Change top 8 to a top 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24
Change background color of online now
Customize your details section
Customize extended network
Background color behind ad and navigation bar
Background color on comments
Default layout with background color
Default layout with background image
Default layout with image that doesn’t repeat
Extra content section
Extra interest section
Flip comments table
Flip profile picture and text next to it
Flip scrollbar
Get top friends section back
Make a top 1
Make your Myspace private
Make two color layouts
Move “about me” up
Move friend space up or down
Move interests table
Move music player to top left
Move music player anywhere
One column profile
Put friend section and comments in a scrollbox
Resize music player
Reverse your profile
Skinny layout code
Small contact table
Transparent background for bottom links
Transparent background on navigation bar
Transparent tables
Widescreen effect

Image Codes
Black and white images on profile
Change size of default picture
Image as a Caption
Image Hover Codes
Make a tiny top 8
No border on images
Resize an image
Resize comment images

Text Codes
Align text
Basic text codes
Bullet lists
Center all text on profile
Change all text on your page
Change comments text
Change display name style
Change the bold, italic and underline styles
Change display name
Common fonts
Drop down boxes
Drop down list of top friends
Fieldset boxes
Indent text
Link hover effects
Move display name
Overlapping text
Scrolling words on top of profile
Text effects
Text links and image links
Wrap text around a picture
Wrap text around a scrollbox

Hide Codes
Hide “add comment” link
Hide advertisement
Hide ad at bottom of blog entries
Hide about me table
Hide bottom links
Hide blog comments
Hide blogs and extended network
Hide only blogs, not extended network
Hide only extended network
Hide blue background on interests table
Hide certain headings, words, or links
Hide comments
Hide comments, keeping some showing
Hide comments and friends, keep links
Hide companies
Hide contact table
Hide copyright
Hide details section
Hide entire profile
Hide everything at top of profile
Hide friend section
Hide friend section with no links remaining
Hide friends names
Hide friends pictures
Hide friends and comments
Hide groups
Hide interests table
Hide interests table headings without space left
Hide last login
Hide music player
Hide music player only, not videos
Hide networking box
Hide online now
Hide orange bar behind Blurbs and Friend Space headings
Hide profile information box
Hide schools
Hide search bar, shortcuts menu or both
Hide shortcuts menu and search bar (revised 6/21/08)
Hide text next to profile picture
Hide top links / navigation bar
Hide (view all | add comment) link
Hide URL
Hide view my pics | videos link

Other Codes
Add credit link to your layouts
Color Chart
Display HTML codes in a scrollbox
Find your Friend ID
Finding an image URL
Finding a website URL
Myspace contact links
No scroll on profile
Screenshot tutorial
Website tutorial part 1
Website tutorial part 2
Website tutorial part 3

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