Crash Codes myspace layouts, codes and more 2011-06-19T16:55:17Z WordPress Administrator <![CDATA[New contact button sets]]> 2010-08-18T01:10:23Z 2010-08-18T01:03:26Z First of all, I want to say a huge thank you to everyone reading this. Without you all, this site would not be the same. I wanted to let you all know that with the release of Myspace version 3.0 I’ve decided to try and update more often. Myspace 3.0 is a new version that looks like the image at this link: Click here to view the Myspace 3.0 layout .

As of now, there is no option for custom CSS so I can’t provide codes or custom layouts for 3.0 yet. Once a CSS box exists, I’ll try and post new updates. In the meantime, however, I made 10 new contact button sets. You can click the preview image below to view them and find the codes for them, or just click this link!
Enjoy the new contact buttons. And again, thanks so much for visiting Crash Codes!

Administrator <![CDATA[Seven new codes]]> 2010-08-18T00:24:06Z 2009-02-10T23:59:01Z I posted 7 new Myspace 2.0 codes to the site! To see them, click on the links:
Basic text codes
Scrollbox code
Change background color of general info
Alternate comment colors
Alternate interest colors
Alternate detail colors
Flip comments table
I also made a new page to put everything for Myspace 2.0 in one place:
Myspace 2.0 layouts and codes

Administrator <![CDATA[Five new codes]]> 2008-12-26T19:40:20Z 2008-12-26T19:39:01Z Hi everyone, I’ve added five new codes to the site. Click on the links below to see them!
Change mood text
Comments in a scrollbox (Myspace 2.0)
Change color of navigation bar (Myspace 2.0)
Change color of top bar (Myspace 2.0)
Friends in scrollbox (Myspace 2.0)

Administrator <![CDATA[3 new holiday layouts]]> 2010-08-26T23:22:27Z 2008-12-20T18:56:35Z Happy holidays everyone! I’ve posted 3 new holiday layouts to the site. Click on the link below to see them:Holiday layouts

Administrator <![CDATA[Myspace 2.0 Layouts]]> 2008-12-07T21:07:55Z 2008-12-07T20:52:58Z Hey everyone, I’ve converted some of my layouts to work on Myspace 2.0. To switch from the Myspace 1.0 version to Myspace 2.0, click on “Edit Profile” on your homepage, and then click the link to try it out. Click “Upgrade to Profile 2.0″. You can always switch back if you do not like it. To add the layouts below to your profile, follow the directions on each layout page.

20 Myspace 2.0 Default Layouts
10 Myspace 2.0 Skinny Patterned Layouts
10 Myspace 2.0 Image Layouts

My next update will be some new holiday layouts :]

Administrator <![CDATA[New codes and layouts]]> 2008-11-10T20:49:18Z 2008-10-09T22:39:16Z Hi everyone, I’ve posted new codes and layouts to the site.

Click on the links below to see them:
Flip interests and details tables
Hide mood text and icon
Change music playlist back to one song
2 new default layouts, numbers 53 and 54

Administrator <![CDATA[Four new codes]]> 2008-11-11T13:21:15Z 2008-08-31T23:25:54Z I’ve added four new codes to the site. Click on the links below to see them :]

Shrink extended network box
Background image on music player
Shrink music player to just a play/pause button
Change color of text next to profile picture

Administrator <![CDATA[Four new layouts]]> 2008-11-01T20:39:53Z 2008-08-01T15:28:31Z Hey everyone, I made four new default layouts for you all. I hope you like them!
Click here for the new layouts, numbers 49 - 52

Enjoy :]

Administrator <![CDATA[Five new codes]]> 2008-07-21T21:21:58Z 2008-07-21T21:21:58Z What’s up everybody? Here are five new codes for you all:

Shrink comments (Leaves just a link to your friend and their comment)
Updated hide ad code
Put your text in columns
Hide everything at the top of your profile except the ad
Hide the shortcuts menu, search bar or myspace logo

Next update: maybe some music skins? or layouts? Stay tuned :]

Administrator <![CDATA[New code]]> 2008-07-15T01:48:28Z 2008-07-15T01:46:44Z Hi everyone! Here is an updated code. I really hope this works for you and myspace doesn’t change their coding again. This code has been tested in IE and firefox.

Hide everything at the top of your profile (ad, search bar, nav bar, shortcuts, etc)
Code credited to Christy!

I’m working on some new codes to hide the search bar, shortcuts menu, ad, and so on. I hope to have them posted this week, along with some updates besides codes because it seems like that’s all I’ve been doing lately haha. hope everyone’s enjoying their summer! :]