Website tutorial part 1

Are you a Myspace layout site owner, or someone else who wants to create a website of your own? Read below to find out how you can make one!

Note before you read any further: This tutorial is on creating a free website, so you will not have your own domain name. It will be something like instead. You can still have a site with a good design, blog posts, comments, etc. and all that good stuff.

Creating a tutorial for having your own domain would be much longer and more complicated (It would involve other tutorials on hosting, FTP, Wordpress, Winzip, etc. and it would be way too time-consuming). This tutorial should be very easy to follow.

STEP 1: Go to

Click on “Create Your Blog Now.” on the orange arrow.

You now need to create a Google account. Enter an email address, password, display name (usually your first name, unless you’d rather use something else), the word verification, and check the box if you accept Blogger’s terms of service.

Click on “Continue” on the orange arrow.

STEP 2: Choose a name for your website.

In where it says “Enter a title for you blog”, choose the name of the blog. It can be anything you want, from something as simple as “My Site” to a more specific name like “Rocking Myspace Layouts”.

Now choose the blog address, the URL for your site. When people want to visit your site, they’ll type this into the address bar. An example of a URL with Blogger is Click the link that says “Check Availability” to see if the URL you want is already taken. You may need to choose another name until you have one that’s available.

Then click “Continue.”

STEP 3: Choose a template for your blog.

Now you get to pick a design for your website. These are just the basic ones that come with the site. There are tons of websites that offer Blogger templates for download and use so these are not the only ones! You can change your template and customize it later, but for now, pick one to use.

Click “Continue”.

Your website is created! Click “Start Posting” to begin adding content to your site.

STEP 4: Adding content to your site.

All of your content are going to be in the form of posts that you write. You can then link to these posts you have written from the home page to direct your readers to all your content.

Add content now by writing your first post. For example, I’ll pretend I’m adding default layouts to my website.

Enter text as normal. To add an image, click the little picture icon in the toolbar and upload the picture you want from your computer by clicking “browse” and finding the image on your computer. Click “Upload Now” when you’re done.

To have codes people can copy, use the textarea code. See the screenshot below:

Once you’re done adding what you wanted, click “Publish Post”.

And here is what I created in ten minutes using Blogger:


The Site

For Myspace