Website tutorial part 2

Ok, so you have your website created. (If you don’t, be sure to check out part 1 of the tutorial first). You probably want other templates to use on your site besides the basic ones. To do this, do a google search for “blogger templates”. You have tons of sites to choose from.

I’m going to do the tutorial as if you’re using templates from Pyzam.

STEP 1: Find a template you like, and click on “Get the Code!”

STEP 2: Copy the code by right clicking in the box, and clicking copy to copy all the text.

STEP 3: Sign in to your Blogger account. Click on “Layout” under where it says “Manage”.

STEP 4: Click on where it says “Edit HTML” under the “Template” tab.

STEP 5: Select all the text currently in the scrollbox and delete it. Then paste the code you copied earlier for your layout into the box. Click “Save Template”.

(Just a note…for some blog templates you may need to revert to the classic template for the code to work. If the template’s older the code is for before Blogger updated to a newer template.)

STEP 6: Preview your beautiful new website:

Part 3 of the tutorial: making money from your site! will be next.

The Site

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